pool water is our element

Water treatment without compromise

Water is the highest good on earth and so we see the compliance of all hygiene parameters of the swimming pool water as responsibility towards each individual user of the pool. Our technicians have the necessary specialist knowledge and experience to realize an optimally coordinated overall project for the treatment of swimming pool water with sophisticated technology.

Depending on the customer's request, we plan, produce, realize and maintain all kind of private and public pools based on the valid standards. Clear conditions from the beginning are the basis for a smooth handling between customer, planner, architect and the executing company. We are taking this fact very serious and manage swimming pool projects completly.

As flexible as you are

professional management for your pool

Centrally controlled with a maximum of ease of use, in addition to your water treatment system, as well as the times of circulation and filtration of your swimming pool water, the heating and various attractions.

Be in touch with your swimming pool even from a distance through remote access. Clear menu structure and simple operation, precise dosage and countless configuration options, up to automatically sent alerts via e-mail. The sopra inter-commands shown on the left is just one example from our portfolio, which reflects the high quality of our products. Uncompromising comfort in use and control with perfect water quality in your swimming pool.

regeneration and wellness

air and water

Use your stainless steel swimming pool as a place for retreat from stress of everyday life and use air and water for an experience of relaxation in your home.

Whether pure water massage, air bubbles or a combination of both, you can enjoy the possibilities that offer the individuality of your pool and designed options.

health and sport

Swimming as a guarantee for a long life

No matter if you consider daily swimming in your pool as relaxation or training.

With us you will find the ideal solution in your swimming pool to get the optimal support in your activity. Whether amateur swimmer or triathlete, together we will work out and find the best solution to your requirements.

pleasant temperature due to energy-efficient

pool heating systems

A few years ago it was pure luxury, but now with the new possibilities it's almost standard .

Energy-efficient heating of the swimming pool, adapted to the requirements defined by you, can lead to an extension of the outdoor pool season, which puts the added value of the use in a completely different light.

Technically always up to date, we advise you also in this segment gladly and detailed.

The picture shows a sopra heat pump with vertical fan

Indoor pool - a challenge for

dehumidification & ventilation

A perfect planning and many thoughts in advance are a must. The realization of an indoor swimming pool is a challenge for all involved jobs.

Regarding the establishment and operation of an indoor pool, you have with us a competent partner, which will help you before the construction starts, in the planning and coordination of the individual steps, with advice and assistance.

The pool shines through the right


Dusk or night, the illumination of the pool and swimming in it has a special charm for many.

The right choice of underwater lighting has a not insignificant role. Good advice in advance with knowing all details about the location of the pool, as well as the requirements from the client, is the top priority.

special solutions

also in realizing the illuminaton of your pool

Through individual, customer-specific planning of many projects, there are always new and interesting approaches to solutions in the area of pool lighting.

Thanks to our innovative approach and the courage to innovate we are also known as a pioneer in this section.

In the picture a special solution with a LED-light-line under water.

no compromises in

cleaning & care

This is where the advantages of a stainless steel pool from Gassner counts for our product.

  • no vapor-permeable surface
  • hardly to no adhesion possibility for dirt, algae, ...
  • permanently leak- and weatherproof
  • no sealed built-in parts (maintenance joints)

In line with a complete pool water treatment system from us you have the perfect base for unrestricted pleasure with a minimum of effort.



Brand products also for

pool-water care

The use of our high-quality swimming pool active ingredients from Sopra guarantees an unlimited pleasure in your pool and this at a very fair price-performance ratio.

sign with us a

maintenance agreement

We offer you the opportunity to check your facility in aranged rhythm to guarantee a trouble-free swimming pool.

Starting and closing (spring and winter), an annual professional pool cleaning taking into account the individual circumstances and requirements - all from one source for a fair price. Let yourself to be supported in this regard and use your gained time for your own needs.

Of course we offer also

Services related to care and maintenance

Of course, we are always available to our customers also without any maintenance agreement.

  • professional pool cleaning
  • maintenance of the pool water treatment
  • exchange of components or consumables
  • installation of additional components
  • modifications and tags

Our trained staff is always available with help and advice.



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