Welcome to edelstahl-pool.at from Gassner – Exclusive stainless steel pool manufacture from Austria. Dive into the world of Gassner stainless steel pools and experience the refreshing variety.

The company of Gassner has specialised in working with the elegant material stainless steel for more than 30 years. The product portfolio includes all areas of private and commercial pool construction (indoor pools, outdoor swimming pools, waterfall showers). Professional facilities and modern machinery are one prerequisite as is the many years of experience or more than 30 employees.

Dive into the world of Gassner stainless steel pools and experience the refreshing variety.

Timeless > Stainless steel stands out because of its extraordinary, modern looks. The timeless elegance of this material caused the American automotive giant Walter Chrysler to roof the tower of the building in New York, which was named after him, in stainless steel in the twenties. To this day it has lost nothing of its fascination.

Custom-made > Water is without taste, not like our pools. Stainless steel enables customized solutions for every taste. Shape as well as accessories can be chosen individually: Steps, benches, current generators, underwater lighting, waterfall showers and much more. In addition a stainless steel pool can be changed, enlarged or made smaller at any time.

Indestructible > Stainless steel is one of the most valuable construction materials. The alloyed steel is resistant to frost, heat, UV rays and chemical substances. The innovative production technology as well as the excellent quality of the workmanship at Gassner prevent cracking and surface porosity and ensure long life. So you can have enduring joy with your pool.

Timesaving > Stainless steel pools distinguish themselves by their short manufacturing time and short installation time. The pool is manufactured in the works and is installed in about 1 week. The smooth surface material prevents algae from taking hold and in this way reduces pool cleaning work to a minimum. Also care during the winter months is down to no special measures.

Lasting value > Stainless steel pools cause hardly any ancillary costs because the forming of algae or fungi can be almost excluded if the water is treated according to standard procedures. Due to the lasting value of the material, investment in a stainless steel pool pays itself off, in opposition to pools in other materials, after a few years.

Comprehensive > We see ourselves as a full service provider in the stainless steel pool sector. All types of accessories, including steps with anti-slip precautions, seating area with warm water bubbles, current generators, underwater lighting, waterfall showers, and much more, are part of our range. The only thing we don’t deliver is the water.

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