Gassner stainless Steel Pools

Ready-made pools

Swimming fun in one piece.

Ready-made stainless steel pools for outdoors.



Ready-made pools with particularly short construction time

Tailor-made pool construction creates particularly beautiful pools, but it also takes a lot of time. One-piece pools made of stainless steel shorten the wait for cooling down in your own garden. The prefabricated one-piece pools are installed at the desired location in no time.

These ready-made stainless steel pools are skimmer swimming pools – up to 3.4 m wide and 15 m long. They can be directly installed by us in widths of up to 3.4 m and lengths of 15 m thanks to a free-standing construction method and a circumferential base plate of 1 m. The construction period is only a day or two, and is also easy on the budget. Let us advise you about a one-piece pool in the size and shape of your choice!




The guaranteed eye-catcher in your garden pool – our self-supporting stairs. A special means of space-saving construction makes them appear light, modern and airy.

Various access options – corner accesses, pool-width stair accesses, Roman stairs or wall accesses – with additional slip-proofing, offer you the option of designing your stainless steel pool exactly according to your individual ideas.

More features, such as benches or air jets, can also be added to the access versions to create particularly sophisticated solutions.


Gentle water pressure from our submerged massage jets stimulates the muscles, creating an experience of pure relaxation.

The combination with air creates an incomparable sparkling effect, leading to a feeling of full relaxation. First on the skin surface, then in the muscles, and finally in the deeper tissue layers. Hydro massage and water buoyancy grant a sensation of endless lightness.


Seamless pool walls without visible welds and submerged built-in parts (e.g. massage jets) create a jointless surface. Unwanted elevations or indentations become non-issues, decisively raising the comfort inside the pool – another must-have for thermal spa environments.

Additionally, flush built-in parts reduce the risk of corrosion. This contributes to the pool’s longevity while reducing maintenance. We will be happy to consult you on all installation options in pool construction.


Subsurface shutter systems are barely or not at all visible. The profiles roll on the pool floor or into a shaft. The specifically created shutter motors are particularly powerful, guaranteeing fast opening and closing.

Innovative products, such as the integrated direct drive in the winding shaft, enable technically sophisticated and cost-saving solutions. Overhead covers and a number of special solutions can also be included. Integrated handrails ensure maximum security in your garden pool.


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